Maximum precision in UV/Vis

  • User-friendly: intuitive software, large sample chamber
  • Versatile and flexible: extensive range of accessories
  • Powerful and reliable: 10-year long-term warranty 

Product Details

SPECORD PLUS means reliability, user friendliness and flexibility for precise, very easy and versatile UV/Vis analysis.

High-end optics

At the heart of all of our instruments, the optical components are quartz coated and equipped with high-quality encapsulation. They guarantee highest quality, maximum performance and extreme durability. The monochromator with imaging holographic grating enables stray light reduction and absolutely precise measuring results. The minimized number of movable components ensure best reliability, notably improved signal-to-noise ratio and best energy throughput.

Real double-beam
Real double-beam mode for highest precision and a better long-term stability by measuring the sample and reference signal at exact the same moment.
The measurement results always show a current comparison of both beams. This way lamp fluctuation and drifts are corrected by the second beam. Furthermore is a direct compensation of the blanc solution possible.

Convincing details

  • Innovative CDD technology – two temperature controlled detectors for outstanding long-term stability
  • Pre-adjusted and voltage stabilized radiation sources
  • Internal holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength calibration and for optimized wavelength accuracy and reproducibility
  • Variable spectral resolution includes the smallest details of the spectrum

The SPECORD PLUS is developed for user friendly operation:

  • Intuitive software navigation
  • Comprehensive method collection
  • Self Check System (SCS)
  • Large, easily accessible sample compartment
  • Automatic accessory recognition
  • Multilingual software
  • No warm-up phase, plug and play
  • Big, well accessible sampling area

Routine or special analysis – the SPECORD PLUS guarantees flexible operation in all areas of application. Thanks to its extensive range of accessories and the modular software concept the device provides a unique individuality.


The SPECORD PLUS offers the right solution for numerous applications. Routine analysis or special application in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science and many other areas – with SPECORD PLUS you are well prepared for all future requirements. UV/Vis spectroscopy is a method of molecular absorption spectroscopy with ultraviolet and visible radiation mainly on liquid samples measured in transmittance or absorbance. Measurements on solid and gaseous samples are also possible. Thereby, one can obtain qualitative information (like purity of substances, substances identification or binding conditions) as well as quantitative information (like concentration via endpoint measurement or via kinetic).

The following table shows some parameters, determinable by UV/Vis spectroscopy.

Acetate Alcohol Aluminium Ammoniac Ammonium Ascorbic Acid
Boron Bromine BOD Cadmium Calcium Chlorine
Chlorine dioxide Chloride Cholesterol Chromate Citrate COD
Copper Cyanide Fluoride Formic acid Formaldehyde Fructose
Galactose Glucose Glutamine Glycerine Gold Hydrazine
Hydroxyl butyric acid Hydrogen peroxide Iodine Iron Iso citric acid Lactate
Lactose Lead Maltose Manganese Molybdenum Nickel
Nitrate Nitrite Nitrogen Oxalic acid Oxygene Ozone
Phenol Phosphate Potassium Saccharose Silver Sodium
Sorbitol Starch Succinic acid Sulphate Sulphide Sulphite
Tensides TOC Urea Xylitol Zinc




SPECORDPLUS is equipped with the comprehensive basic software ASpect UV, which already contains numerous specific tools for individual applications!

ASpect UV enables intuitive, precise work. It provides complete control, monitoring and logging of all processes from spectrometer to accessories and ensures compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The system can be connected to an existing LIMS.

Data can be exported in Excel format.

The basic software package contains the modules:

  • Photometry - for quantitative analyses or biochemical evaluations
  • Spectrum - for the evaluation and data treatment of spectra 
  • Kinetics - for the measurement and evaluation of time-dependent analyses
  • Thermometry - for the measurement and evaluation of temperature-dependent analyses
  • Colorimetry - for the determination of layer thicknesses, color coordinates and color numbers

Additional modules

  • Validation software for checking specific device parameters using certified standards
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 with user administration, audit trail function and electronic signature of measurement results for absolute data integrity


  • Standard cell holder, 50 mm
  • Cell holder, 100 mm
  • Holder for cylindrical cells up to 50 mm
  • Holder for cylindrical cells up to 100 mm
  • Holder for absorption tubes
  • Universal holder for accommodation of accessories
  • Cell holder, 50 mm, thermostatted
  • Cell holder, 10 mm, thermostatted without/with stirrer
  • Solid sample holder
  • Adjustable cell holder for small cells aligned to the sample beam with path length 10 mm with beam height 15 and 8.5 mm
  • Holder for small cells, adjustable accommodation of small cells exactly aligned to the sample beam with path length 1/2/5/10 mm with beam height 8.5 mm
  • Fibre optical ultra micro cell/TrayCell
  • Peltier cooled cell holder with stirrer -5 °C – 105 °C
  • Peltier cooled cell holder with stirrer 10 °C – 60 °C
  • Peltier cooled 2 cell holder with stirrer -5 °C – 105 °C
  • Peltier cooled 2 cell holder with stirrer 10 °C – 60 °C
  • Cell changer for 10 mm pathlength Peltier cooled 10 °C – 60 °C and external heat exchanging
  • 2 cell changer for 10 mm pathlength Peltier cooled 10 °C – 60 °C and external heat exchanging
  • 6 cell changer for 10/20/40/50 mm pathlength
  • 6 cell changer for 10 mm pathlength, water thermostatted without/with stirrer
  • 8 cell changer without stirrer/with stirrer for 10 mm pathlength, not thermostatted, water thermostatted, Peltier cooled, -5 °C–105 °C and external heat exchanging
  • 2 x 8 cell changer, Peltier cooled without stirrer/with stirrer and external heat exchanging, -5 °C–105 °C
  • Cell Carousel, not thermostatted
  • Cassette sipper system with adjustable cell holder for 10/20/50 mm pathlength
  • xyz autosampler APG 64 with sample racks for 49, 64 or 116 vials
  • Diffuse reflectance accessory with integrating sphere
  • 11° – 60° variable angle reflectance accessory
  • Fiber coupling set QX
  • SMA fiber coupling set
  • Standard immersion probe QX
  • Scanning attachment for solid samples
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