Moisture Meter FMX HydroTracer

The FMX HydroTracer of aboni- a New Moisture Meter
The FMX HydroTracer is a precise instrument measuring the absolute value of the water content in solid samples. Especially during the transformation of technical plastics the water content determines often the quality of the later product.
High sample weights together with a high resolution of this unique test method allow the determination of very low water contents with an accuracy of some ppm. A great variety of powders and granules can be tested
There is no calibration necessary before the measurement. With the exception of a few  parts of the housing, the device is made of  durable aluminium alloys, combining toughness with low weight. These features plus the compact design are recommending the HydroTracer as an ideal tool also for mobile use.
Measuring Principle
The sample is weighed and filled into the sample tray. The sample tray itself is part of an integrated reactor within the Hydrotracer. A heater warms the sample to a chosen temperature. The evaporating water reacts with a powdery reagent, which transforms water into hydrogen  The concentration of hydrogen within the reactor atmosphere is a measure of the water content within the reactor. A gas sensor detects the hydrogen concentration. The moisture content is detected very accurately considering the moisture content of the ambient air and the given weight of the sample.
The Reagent
Water is transformed to hydrogen with a metal hydride. As a standard accrssory 75 g of calcium hydride are supplied with the HydroTracer. This amount is good for approximately 750 measurements. Calcium hydride reacts with water to calcium hydroxide which can be easily disposed without environmental hazards.
The control of the measurement is done by a program on an external PC. The data is exchanged via a serial interface RS 232. The user is led through the sequence of manual test preparations by a picture-supported menu, thus avoiding handling errors. The measurement is easily done in a few steps only. Each test consumes about 2 minutes of working time. After inserting the sample and the reagent, the further measurement is done automatically. When the program has determined the end of the measurement,  the results are stored and the program stops itself. A built-in fan cools the reactor to a stand-by temperature of 50 °C. The HydroTracer is now ready for the next measurement. A test needs about 15- 30 minutes, depending on the moisture content of the sample.
Sample weight:
0,01 g to 200 g , depending on sample density
±0,05 mg H2O (1 mg water content) up to
±0,5 mg H2O (20 mg water content)
Display via PC:
absolute water content of sample in x.xx mg
relative water content
in x.xxxx % and  x ppm
additionally ambient air temperature, relative humidity and pressure
Measuring range:
0.2 mg - 30 mg H2O
Test temperatures:
50°C up to 210 °C in 1°C-steps
CaH2 powder-form
approx. 0.1 g each measurment
Ambient air temperature:
in °C in 0.1 °C steps
Ambient air pressure:
700-1100 mbar in 0.1 mbar-steps
relative air humidity:
0 - 100 % in 0.1 % -steps
Power supply:
230 V~, 50 Hz, 1,6 A
115 V~, 50/60 Hz, 2,8 A
4,9 kg
285 mm x 170 mm x 250 mm (h x w x d)
bi-directional RS 232 interface
Required  PC:
Windows® 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP
Pentium® 233 or equivalent
64 MB RAM minimum, 128 MB recommended
serial interface RS 232
Some applications
Anorganic Salts
Calcium carbonate
Carbon black
-PA 6
-PA 6.6
-PA 12
-PE Talcum
-PS expanded


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