Choose from the type of In-line Refractometer

  • F259848_p.eps-650.jpg
    Model ModelOutput(RS-232C)LengthFeature PAN-1DC ○ 20cm Ideal for all types of liquid from cleaning and metal-working fluids to food and beverage.Simply mount on the pot or t...

  • CM-In-Line-Brix-Monitor-800alpha.jpg
    Model The Most Popular Low Cost & Simple Hook Type for Tank/Pot Mounted on the Tank Submerge in water CM-800α CM-Baseα CM-Baseβ CM-TANKα CM-I...

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    Model PRM-100α Wide range and high accuracy PRM-2000α Low-concentration more precisely! PRM-TANKα(FER) Mounted on the Tank (Ferrule) PRM-TANKα(FLN) Mounted on the Tank (F...


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