Measure with higher precision

  • RX-5000i.jpg
    Model ModelFeature RX-5000i-Plus World's Highest Standard of Accuracy RX-5000i Standard model RX-9000i Wide Range, High Accuracy, High Temperature RX-7000i Wide Range, Hi...

  • RX-5000a-Bev.jpg
    Model ModelFeature RX-5000α-Plus World's Highest Standard of Accuracy RX-5000α Standard model RX-9000α Wide Range, High Temperature, and Accuracy RX-7000α Wide Range and ...

  • dd-7_l.jpg
    Model DD-7 Low concentration aqueous solution can be measured with high accuracy. Printer DP-63 It is a printer for[Digital Differential Refractometer DD - 7] DP-AD ...


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